Pervious concrete parking areas eliminate the need for retention ponds and other runoff containment methods, providing for more efficient land use. Rather than directing and containing stormwater on-site, pervious concrete. with its high porosity naturally captures the storm water and allows it to infiltrate back to the ground water. 

With its network of voids in the pervious concrete and underlying detention area, the pollutants are absorbed and biologically processed to "treat' the toxins naturally and effectively to improve the water quality. This benefits not only the building owner economically, but the entire community environmentally and aesthetically. EcoCrete Enhanced Pervious Concrete"' distinguishes itself from other admixtures by providing much higher compressive and flexural strengths; 3000 psi in 7 days and 5000 psi in 28 days compressive and 400 psi in 7 days and 600 psi in 28 days flexural. 

Growth of the company and incremental sales will be provided by distribution provided by license agreements based on the geographic area. Licensees will purchase the right to distribute and install the product within these given areas. With training by EcoCrete technicians, the distributor can also become a certified EcoCrete installer. 

EE, INC. , is a U.S. based company, with manufacturer of EcoCrete Enhanced Pervious Concrete production facilities, sales staff, and research and development located in Austin, TX. 

With the ever pressing issues of urban sprawl as many rural areas are quickly becoming developed into shopping centers and subdivisions, the impact of stormwater run-off from impervious surfaces such as parking lots, side walks and roads, has challenged our environmental balance. This increasing amount of impervious area has created an imbalance in the natural ecosystem leading to flash floods, pollution of our rivers, streams and lakes and the depletion of our water aquifers. 

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